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Pictures from Pesach 2008:


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First Day of Kindergarten

Can you believe that Galya is already starting kindergarten?  She had her first day of classes today at the Jewish Day School in Bellevue, Washington.   Here are some pictures of her leaving for her first day of school.



Its a boy and a girl

Our babies were born on August 1st.   The boy was born at 7:38 PM weighing 6 lb 3.7 oz and 19 inches long. The girl was born at 7:40 PM weighing 6 lb 2.3 oz and 18.5 inches long.  Here is a picture of them just after the doctors and nurses checked them over in the delivery room.  I think the boy is the one on the left.

They're home

The boy came home on Monday August 6th.  The girl finally came home on Sunday August 12th.   They both had problems breathing when them came out.   They're home and doing well now.  These are pictures of them from August 12th when the girl finally came home.   We had three car seats in the back of our car for the first time.   The boy is the one on the left; he's the one in blue.


They now have names

On August 17th, we had a double ceremony a bris for the boy and a naming ceremony for the girl.  They now have names.  The boy is named Nadav Yonah Simonds Kolodner and the girl is named Zohar Golda Simonds Kolodner.  Here is a picture of us waiting for the mohel to do his job.

And here is a picture of the mohel at work:


Other pictures

Here is a picture of Galya holding Zohar in the hospital.


This is a picture of Zohar and Nadav in one of their baskets.


They're a month old

They're doing well.  Nadav grew out of his first outfit today. Here is another picture of them sharing one of their baskets.   Nadav is the one in front.  Picture taken on 9/3/01.

Our first baby was born on January 26, 1996.  Here is her story:

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Hello, welcome back!   I'm five and a half  years old now.   Did you know that I'm going to be a big sister in a few days?   I'm so excited!   You can't believe how excited I am!    I tell almost everyone I see that I'm going to be a big sister to a boy and a girl.  Pretty soon I will be sharing this web site with a new brother and sister.  When they arrive, I will be sure to post their pictures.

If you ended up here by mistake, I'm sorry to say that we don't have any nachas for sale.  If you are from Mexico, this isn't what you were looking for.

Its hard to believe that we've been in Seattle for so long.   I am five years old.  We've been here for five years.    And we have owned a house for three years.  In order to accomodate the babies inside of mommy, we had our reading room enclosed; it will be the babies' room.

We live in Bellevue, WA near many parks where I spend lots of my time playing.  I really like to play.  I can't wait for summer so that I can put my feet and hands in the water once again.

Did I mention that I'm five years old?  I had a really fun birthday party at the JCC on Mercer Island.    We call it the 'J'; this is where I go to pre-K.   My class and many other friends came to my birthday party.  It was really fun.  Mommy decorated a racquetball court so it looked like a castle.  My friends and I dressed up as knights and princesses.  So far, there is only one picture from my birthday.  Hopefully, there will be more soon.

I am getting to be a good swimmer.  I can swim across the pool.

This winter, I took ski lessons.  I started on the magic carpet.  By the last lesson, I was going up the chairlift and skiing down the hill.

Daddy created this web site several years ago as a Chanukah present for Mommy and me. I provide my parents with quite a bit of nachas , hence the address of my web site.  It isn't updated too frequently, but maybe with a new digital camera, it will be easier to post pictures.   Click here to read more about my web site or click here to read more about me.

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When my Daddy first put up this web site, he said he would put up new pictures frequently.  Don't believe him! But please come back anyway.  He keeps saying that he will do better.

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